Thursday, March 31, 2011

1920's, 30's. 40's Yo Yo Trims

So I've been reading through this book, from some local ladies fondly known as the The Farm Chicks. In their book, they have tons of ideas for recipes and kitchy cute crafts. These yo yo trims are one of them. I wanted to make them to adorn headbands and purses. enjoy!!

Collect the pieces you need for the project.
Material, buttons, thread, needle, pencil, scissors & something round to draw a circle with. I choose a headband and my purse to attach the yo-yo trims to.
Draw a circle onto material and cut around leaving a 1/4 inch seam allowance.
Fold the circle in on the lines you drew and iron to hold in place. Sew around the circle with a running stitch. Do not cut thread.

Gather the stitches and gently pull til a pouch forms. Stitch down around the gathers so that the yo-yo lays flat. Thread on a button and stitch into place.
Arent they cute?!?!
To attach to my purse, I sew safety pins onto the back and then pinned them on, that way I can take them off, or change them up if I want something different.
I sewed these onto this headband
Loving the yo-yo trims!!

Au Revoir my dearies!


Pepper said...

Ohh I love yo yos :) And look super cute on headbands, never thought of that!!


Rachel said...

ya I'm addicted to them haha! I was thinking also how cute they would be sewn onto a clip for shoes? Or make them out of tulle and make a cute extra girly headband, and on attach them to bobbypins? They are soo cute and freaking easy as pie to make